The Problem?

Over 80% of people searching online are searching for businesses in their local area. Many small businesses don't know how to affordably and effective reach the community they serve.

The Solution!

With our localized internet marketing packages we scientifically and methodically target the small business prospective customer base. Localized internet marketing and search engine optimization ("SEO") is the solution. When done correctly, this type of marketing is both affordable and effective.

Who We Are Not

We do not cater to medium or large scale businesses. We focus on small business. We do not market unethically. We focus on ethical best practices marketing.

We do not claim to be everything to everyone. We focus on our niche... small business.

Who We Are

We offer affordable and effective localized internet marketing and SEO. We help business build up their local web presence using organic search, sponsored search and social media to target your customers.

Our services are not dependent on whether you have a website. We keep it simple for the client by offering three easy packages to choose from.

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What We Do... White Hat Marketing

We believe in "white hat" online marketing. White hat marketing techniques do not look to "game" the search engine system. White hat marketing is ethical and quite frankly time consuming.

Nothing worthwhile doing is easy or takes little time. If you are looking for "black hat" marketing, we are not for you. Black Hat Marketing uses techniques to obtain higher search rankings in an unethical manner. We do NOT use such methods. The white hat marketing techniques we employ may take longer to obtain results, but the results will last.